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Why Tiqit?

Maximize Your IT Cost Savings

Run legacy and shrink-wrapped software for Windows, UNIX, or Linux.
Purchase fewer mobile devices because Tiqit has desktop PC power, BlackBerry-like Email features1,2,3, and PDA capabilities3.
Stop buying expensive management solutions for proprietary handheld! Tiqit can be managed just like a desktop.
Quit porting and maintaining watered-down enterprise PDA applications.
Reduce mobile application development time using XML, Java, and OS APIs for Tiqit software.
Lower your help desk support costs because there is no longer any need for unique PDA/BlackBerry training or specialized personnel beyond what is required to support your laptops.
Link mobile workers running full client CRM, ERP, and SFA applications to back office systems increasing business visibility and competitiveness. software store.

Take the Office With You

Stay connected wirelessly with cellular1,2, Wi-Fi1, or Bluetooth1.
View entire Email attachments and schedule meetings using MS Outlook3 or Lotus Notes3.
Carry a single ultra mobile PC for all your business needs, not multiple standalone devices.
Connect to Bluetooth or standard peripherals like a: projector, camera, barcode scanner, DVD player, and printer.
Stop wasting your valuable time synchronizing data.

Small but Mighty

Ergonomically designed for both one-handed and two-handed mobile use.
Hand-size perfection, Tiqit weighs only 20 ounces and is slightly larger than a Palm-class PDA.
Tiqit packs a punch with a Pentium-class processor, 256MB SDRAM, and a 15GB HDD.
View your work in ultra-sharp color with a 4 inch 640 x 480 backlit display at 200 dpi.
Full QWERTY keyboard plus touch screen display makes data entry a breeze.
Tablet PC quality handwriting software supports the messiest penmanship.
Hi-res VGA docking station port provides 1280 x 1024 pixels with over 65K colors for eye-popping presentations.
Joystick and mouse buttons are perfectly positioned to let you steer it with your thumbs just like a GAME BOY®.

Raises the Bar

Tiqit is far smaller and lighter than a laptop…use walking or standing.
Tiqit has greater capability than Windows CE/Pocket PC PDAs having about 25% compatibility with Windows XP.
Tiqit runs most off-the-shelf desktop applications unlike Palm-class PDAs.
Tiqit is much less bulky and cumbersome to carry than a Tablet PC as well as provides support for stylus and keyboard data entry.
Tiqit is not just a miniaturized laptop or Tablet PC but is designed specifically for the most demanding mobile worker.

1) Requires separate purchase of Wi-Fi or CDMA/GPRS PCMCIA card or Bluetooth USB radio.
2) Does not include wireless service.
3) Requires Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes.